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don't try to be funneh !
want the codes please ask me :D
if not i may rape you .__.

Sabtu, 23 Agustus 2008 ; 15.12 | 0 comments

akhirnya bisa juga buka blog ini!

kemarinnya aku lupa password ni blog .
smoga besok-besok gg lupa lagi .
minta doa ya smua!

KK !

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It's me!.
♥ iloveyou :D

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ma wish !
{♥}UI ! sastra jepang
{♥}canon DSLR
{♥}new laptop ! [tipe: stylish and mini]
{♥}nerbitin novel
{♥}holiday !
{♥}curly my hair :p
{♥}watch Princess Hours [again]
{♥}change phone
{♥}drive car.
{♥}get JAZZ violet [plis GOD!]
{♥}meet lee min ho, eun hye, sitta.k
{♥}whole collection of pucca

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